Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu also called BJJ is a grappling art that was perfected by martial artists to defend against bigger opponents. Grappling uses submission holds such as chokes and joint locks to render opponents helpless. This art is a great way to get in shape and learn an art that is great for self-defense. People from all walks of life and age groups take this class so you will undoubtedly fit in easily. So please keep in mind your do not have to be in shape to get started. Our classes are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals.

It is a fact that 90% of all fights end up in clinch and eventually on the ground, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will give you the necessary tools to fully protect yourself in the most common type of street confrontations This Class is designed to teach the fundamentals of ground fighting. With focus given to positional training (how to escape and hold positions) and how to apply and escape submission holds. The techniques taught are functional for both self-defense, sport Jiu Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts.


You Don't Have To Be A Fighter To Enjoy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

You Don't Have To Be A Fighter To Enjoy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

It doesn't matter if you're older or young, if you're big and looking to lose weight or small and looking to build strength, it doesn't matter if you're male or female. Even if you want to compete or not (and in our program, you don't need to want to compete; most people who want to try BJJ aren't interested in competition) in shape or out of shape, ALL are welcome.

As a matter of fact, there are all kinds of people from right here in St Louis discovering the benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) training at Absolute Martial Arts, and if you haven't checked it out for yourself yet, then, well, you're missing out big time.

Because while BJJ will teach you how to defend yourself once a fight gets in the grappling range or on the ground, it also gets you in great shape, builds strength and flexibility, and is pretty darn fun, too.

During your training at Absolute Martial Arts you will learn:

During your training at Absolute Martial Arts you will learn:
  • Effective takedowns and Develop takedown defense
  • Devastating armbars, shoulder locks, and chokes- Render your opponent ineffective using a wide array of submissions!
  • Escapes and reversals- What to do when you are in a bad position!
  • Devastating leg and ankle locks- Complete your submission arsenal!
  • Working in the guards - Learn how to work comfortably from your back!
  • Passing the guards - What to do when you are trapped in your opponent�s guard!
  • Proper side control- Learn how to maintain control over your opponent!
  • Full mount and rear mount - Look for dominance on the ground!

Discover What You've Been Missing!

Discover What You've Been Missing!

You've waited a long time to try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lessons, now you can BJJ to see if they are indeed right for you! Since our establishment, Absolute Martial Arts in St. Louis has strived to provide high quality instruction, with a focus on a positive and safe learning environment. Our instructors understand that everyone has the desire to get in great shape, learn how to defend themselves, and at the same time avoid injury. Our workouts have a proven safety record that will enable students to train in a safe, fun, and controlled class setting.


Absolute Martial Arts in St. Louis specializes in teaching BJJ to adults and teens with little-to-no experience. You will learn the practical martial art system of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a beginner-friendly training environment. Whether you want to just get in shape, learn self defense, compete or become a BJJ black belt. We�ve made getting started very easy and convenient for you. Sign up today for a introductory class with one of our instructors. To see if our school is the right one for you.

How to choose a BJJ School in St Louis

How to choose a BJJ School in St Louis

How to choose a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school, especially as a beginner. You should not choose a school simply because they use the words Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on their website. You have to be very selective. In fact, you should NEVER join a school or BJJ program unless it meets the following criteria:

  • Their instructors are qualified and have proof to show that they have reached a high level in the art. Are the instructor's full-time or part time? That's a big clue there.
  • The school MUST have a written curriculum they can show you. You'll be shocked to know how many schools don't follow a step-by-step program so neither the teacher nor the student knows where they are going and how far along they are. Surprising but true.
  • The school should allow you to set your own goals whether you just want to be physically fit, learn self defense or train for the competitive level.
  • The prices are NOT unbelievably low. Remember that you usually get the quality you pay for. These bargain price schools usually have dirty facilities, unqualified instructors . Of course you want to see clean and well-kept surroundings that you should expect from any professional school.

Want more proof that our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program can meet your needs? Here you go�


  • World Class Ground Grappling: Our head instructor is a certified Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under Master Ricardo Murgel, an 8th degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. One of the highest ranking Black Belts in the world.
  • World Class Takedowns: You will find amazing wrestlers and judo practitioners at Absolute Martial Arts. AMA is known around the country for possessing very strong takedowns and its instructors have utilized them against the world's best submission wrestlers! Our staff learned to wrestle from Pat Miletich a former UFC Champ, Division I College Wrestlers,  and Judo Black Belts!
  • A Structured Beginner's Only Course: When you start out at AMA, you will be going through a special beginner's only course. Organized, structured curriculum ensures you learn and get good fast! Once per month you get a printed curriculum -outlining what your instructors are focusing on that month -which we've proven GREATLY increases the "learning curve" of all our students! The beginner's class also takes into account that you may be totally out of shape - one of its principal designs is to get you into good shape and allow you to train harder in the next level.
  • Student Safety: A common misconception about BJJ training is that to learn effective BJJ, you have to get into wild and crazy grappling matches. FALSE. At AMA, most of our students have families and jobs and can't afford to leave the gym with black eyes or hurt! The grappling and sparring that is done at AMA is done with utmost control and only when you are ready. Your first sparring sessions take place after you graduate from the beginner course and in the beginning, you would only be sparring with an instructor or advanced student, so that you can get comfortable. The idea is to train smart and have fun.
  • Clean Facility: Absolute Martial Arts is one of a kind. A 3600 square foot facility with a large mat area, MMA cage, Boxing heavy bags, and more. Plus, we are the cleanest school in St Louis- we disinfect our mats with hospital grade disinfectant. We are one of the only gym in St Louis that takes mat cleaning seriously .
  • Personalized Introductory Lesson: At AMA, we initially have you go through a private lesson with one of our certified BJJ instructors. They make sure that you have a good understanding of the techniques and moves that are involved in BJJ, while going at a comfortable pace for yourself. This also helps you, as a new student, get acclimated into the actual group class.


  • Poor Ground Grappling: There are many so called BJJ schools popping up in St Louis or MMA schools that teach poor ground grappling. Be aware of these schools and realize that many of the other BJJ schools in St Louis have white belts and blue belts as their head instructor. At Absolute Martial Arts we would never let an unqualified person teach at our school. With the popularity of the UFC we can only expect this to get worse. BUYER BEWARE!
  • Weak Takedowns: Unfortunately, a lot of grapplers learn their takedowns from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and any educated grappler can tell you that BJJ has weak takedowns. Their specialty is once the fight hits the ground... not before!
  • Thrown to the Wolves:Many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu programs mix you in with the regular class on your first day! There is no curriculum - the instructors just wing it. Other school instructors will just do "whatever they feel like" instead of following a proven system. Just think about it... how can someone teach a class of people who have been training for two to three years... and then teach you your first class at the same time? Either the advanced guys are missing out or the beginners are missing out.
  • Brawling Time!: Many BJJ schools have this misconception that the only way to learn how to fight is to go as hard as you can. This is not true... and actually can be counter-productive, besides dangerous. Many gyms also lack the technique to spar with control and spar hard to compensate for their lack of technique. Brawling during training proves nothing and only hinders the learning process and injures people. If you really want to brawl, save it for the street or in the cage.
  • Customer Service?: The question mark is more fitting because most martial arts schools don't seem to even know what customer service is! Most schools have NO customer service. Egos, bad attitudes, and insecurities fuel bad customer service.
  • Inadequate or Dirty small Facility: For wrestling and grappling - you need high QUALITY mats. Most schools have such small mat areas that you can't even start training on your feet, and even with small mat area they are never clean... most gyms don't clean them! Some gyms that clean their mats only wipe them down with a wet towel, and without disinfectants! The gym needs to be sanitary for your health.
  • No Personalized Lesson:Most schools just have you jump into the class and let you fend for yourself in terms of learning the moves. A lot of the MMA and BJJ schools out there do not have the patience, nor want to spend the time with new students.

It's easy to get started right away. Just give us a call and ask for Ana.
Here's even more PROOF:

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