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St louis mma classes.

st louis MMA Classes

Do you want to get in great shape and learn how to protect yourself? St Louis MMA classes teaches several mixed martial art styles and skills which will allow you to become a highly skilled at MMA. Our programs are such that they will teach you striking and Grappling techniques which will take you to a whole new level.

All the trainers are in fact highly trained fighters who will make sure that you learn all the styles, rules and techniques necessary to become proficient at mixed martial arts.

With us you will get the opportunity to learn:

  • Stand Up Techniques: Some key aspects of Muay Thai & Kickboxing
  • Clinch Styles: Some key aspects of wresting & judo that will allow you to better your takedowns and throws
  • Ground Styles: Key aspects of Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu that will allow you to better your submission holds

However, in case if you do not want to be a professional fighter in the ring, still there’s a lot of benefit of learning mixed martial arts, such as:

  • Better Strength
  • Stamina & Endurance
  • Better Balance
  • Flexibility

We offer short classes where the instructors give full personalized training and instructions to the students that allow you to learn the techniques quickly and more effectively. Since MMA is usually tiring and quite painstaking, our instructors take extra care to ensure that you do not overexert yourself.

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NOTE: Please act quickly because these classes fill up fast and we are committed to maintaining a small student-teacher ratio in our beginner’s classes.