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st louis kids martial arts and karate Classes.

st louis Kids Martial Arts

St. Louis Martial Arts classes is indeed the premier provider of kids Martial Arts Classes in St Louis, MO. Through its innovative approach, it has created martial art classes that are perfect for the kids. In other words, it has played a major role in making this form of art popular amongst kids. Boys and girls learn self-defense, self-confidence and discipline while having fun in a safe and entertaining group class format. And it’s a great way for them to get out their energy and frustrations too.


Self-Confidence: Children become more self-confident at our school because they progress at their own pace and are not compared to others.

Coordination: Our youth program challenges the entire body, developing coordination, balance, agility and poise.

Discipline: Boxing, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu and MMA training will help your child to discover that through self-discipline and perseverance he or she can accomplish almost anything.

Self-Defense: We teach children to think instead of panic in potentially serious situations. And how to react to threats from other kids.

  • We make the process of learning martial arts fun for the kids.
  • We know how to motivate kids.
  • All our instructors are friendly, dedicated, enthusiastic and keen towards helping the kids out.

Do not confuse us with a fighter gym. We are indeed a fitness gym who offers highly affordable and effective Martial Arts classes for kids of all ages in St Louis and neighboring areas.

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NOTE: Please act quickly because these classes fill up fast and we are committed to maintaining a small student-teacher ratio in our beginner’s classes.